Our Teams

HR offers so many opportunities to make a difference not just for you personally but on a much wider scale. Joining the SAC HR team opens up a whole world of possibilities to influence an already culturally diverse team but also by driving employee engagement and pushing new boundaries through employee wellness and happiness initiatives. Join our winning HR team because we support an amazing creative workforce and you can be a part of our success.





Our technology is the lifeblood of what we do and is the beating heart of the business that singles out SAC as the number one in the market. Our systems development and capabilities require you to be the best in the field at what you do. Joining our IT team will provide you with opportunities to deliver the very best technologically advanced front and back end platforms.



Our brand is instantly recognizable and trusted, we are number one in the region. We will stay at number one because we know the importance of keeping ahead of the competition. Our marketing campaigns require the most innovative and dedicated professionals to keep us at the top and to develop and drive our digital strategy. If you want to excel with the number one brand in the region come and be part of our team at SellAnyCar.



To be a part of our operations team you will be an expert in the very competitive used car market, so it goes without saying that experience, local knowledge and having existing relationships in your network will be key assets. Operations at SAC make the process of buying and selling cars in the market place a seamless process and ensuring the quality and standard of the vehicles that go through the SAC checklist are worthy of approved used status. Have you got what it takes? If you do then we want you to join our team.



Buying and selling is what the SAC business model is all about but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Our customers expect the very best quality product and that brings its own challenges. We pride ourselves on the standards we set in sourcing only the best vehicles to meet demand and our sales team are dedicated to deliver a value product to meet all budgets. If you have the drive and experience to service our customers and provide them with the highest standard of reliable quality vehicles our sales and sourcing team could use your drive and determination.



Managing customers is our number one priority regardless if they are a new customer or an existing customer, so we cater for them by making sure we are available 24 x 7. Our call centre staff are available to manage all queries and requests providing a full 360-degree support service. It’s so very important to us to provide the ultimate in customer service so our team has to be the very best with the highest level of training and focused on providing the ultimate in customer care. If you are ready to make a contribution and you want to be part of our customer care team in supporting our customers, then we invite you to apply to join us and be part of our success story.



Staying ahead of the curve by understanding the market, gathering intelligence and doing deep data analysis are key differentiators that make SAC number one in the market. Having the insight to understand the market shifts and customer trends is so very important. The Business Intelligence team are diligent in their analysis of carefully captured data and analytics that provide foresight and help us forecast and dynamically shift our model to meet the needs of the market. Come join our team if you have the aptitude to understand what drivers we need to be putting in place to stay ahead of the competition.



We are a growing business in every sense and in every area of what we do so developing opportunities and growing are two things that we will continue to do. Our BD team are seeking out new business, nurturing opportunities and developing long term business relationships that underpin our business model to keep us at the top. Joining our BD team will mean you are someone who has vision and recognises opportunities, but you also have the ability to close out deals and extend our portfolio.



This is an area that we are committed to and it is a key part of our strategy. By developing our Dealer Acquisition capabilities, we can grow our dealer network which extends our reach to our customers and is an enabler for us in providing local services within easy reach for even the most remote locations. What we require is someone who understands our requirements and the standards we set so you will be able to translate that and apply it when developing opportunities in growing our network.



The finance industry has undergone dramatic changes over the past 5 years which have presented unique opportunities. For those seeking a challenging career in finance which will improve your interpersonal skills and open future opportunities, join us at SellAnyCar.com.